Daily Prayer Calendar for October 2019 (The Prices Write)

“The LORD has heard my plea;
the LORD accepts my prayer.”
(Psalm 6:9 ESV)

Click here to download this prayer list formatted to be printed out as a calendar: https://toddlprice.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/price-prayer-letter-for-10-2019-page-2-1.pdf

October 1 Pray for smooth adjustment for Pam’s dad now in a nursing home as of Sept. 30

October 2 Praise God for answering prayer & providing Zoki as part-time Bible translator for Ludari

October 3 Pray for Zoki as he learns to translate, for God’s Spirit to guide him & for Todd as he trains him

October 4 Pray for teammate, Joy Hill, flying back to Australia to continue serving remotely

October 5 Pray for safety for Joy, adjustment to time zone change, & wisdom in her daily routine

October 6 Praise God that we have started the first draft of Luke in Ludari, the first Scripture in this language

October 7 Pray for Matthew as he begins 6 months of intensive computer classes

October 8 Pray for Zoki & other translator to have stamina for translating & much wisdom in translating clearly

October 9 Praise God for interest in our Roma village among people to help us translate the Bible in their language

October 10 Pray for God’s guidance in hiring 2nd & perhaps 3rd translator for Ludari

October 11 Pray for fruitful Roma Networks meetings in Sarajevo where our translators are attending

October 12 Pray for the remaining $305 per month in pledges we need to have our full support pledged

October 13 Praise God for how Pam’s niece & sister cared for Pam’s dad at home for almost 2 years

October 14 Pray for Matthew to have the daily reality of the Spirit’s personal work in his life

October 15 Pray for Djena, Biljana & Todd for God’s enablement as they edit the Bible translation in the Chergash language

October 16 Pray that Djena, Biljana & Todd can field test the Chergash translation of Luke, by reading to others & getting their feedback

October 17 Pray for Sasha, Kada & Todd for God’s Spirit to empower to accurately & clearly translate into the Arli language

October 18 Praise God that Kirsten is enjoying friends at BFA & pray for her to seek the Lord as her first passion

October 19 Pray for the remaining $7500 we need for the rest of Kirsten’s school year at BFA & flights home for visits & at end of year

October 20 Pray for Jonathan to experience an awareness of God’s kindnesses all around him

October 21 Praise for great Croatian learning for Daniel & Ariela during classes in September & pray for continued progress

October 22 Pray for Goran, Naki & Todd for God to work in & through them in translating the Bible into Gurbet

October 23 Pray that Goran, Naki & Todd can field test the Gurbet translation of Luke, by reading to others & getting their feedback

October 24 Pray that Sasha, Kada & Todd can field test the Arli translation of Luke, by reading to others & getting their feedback

October 25 Pray for effective ministry as Elizabeth leads ESL program at RefugeKC

October 26 Pray for mutual encouragement for Timothy & his church as he ministers there in various ways

October 27 Pray for Pastor Darko & his wife, Gorana, & Robert doing outreach here in our town in Slavonski Brod

October 28 Pray we can get 50 Bible stories & Luke 1-2 printed in 4 Roma languages in time for Christmas outreaches

October 29 Pray for God’s working through Todd, Natasha, Renata & Nedeljko in Bayash Bible translation progress

October 30 Praise that Daniel’s new Taekwondo class this year fits his needs better

October 31 Happy 502nd Reformation Day. Pray for true reformation among the Roma in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Montenegro

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