Prayer requests for Spiritual Emphasis Week, family, cars and teammate

Kirsten (top right) with the girls in her dorm
  1. Please pray for Kirsten and all the students at Black Forest Academy as this is Spiritual Emphasis Week. Pray the Lord will work mightily in her life and in the lives of all the students and that they would be committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

2. Praise God for the great Croatian languages classes Lara (pictured below) is giving to Daniel and Ariela in September. Please pray that they will continue to learn the language and make friends here in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Praise God for the Taekwondo and ballet classes they are in.

Daniel & Ariela learning Croatian from Lara by playing Uno (and our cat wants to be a part as well!)

3. Please pray for us and Pam’s sisters to have wisdom for moving her dad to a nursing home soon because of his increasing needs. Please pray for needed financial aid for him as a veteran and for wisdom for her mom’s housing plans.

4. The ministry car we use has been in the shop for 3 months! Please pray that they can get the parts and get it fixed so we can begin using it again for Todd’s trips to meet with the Bible translators now that the extra-curricular activities have begun.

5. Our van that Matthew was using in Oakland, California, broke down and would take more money to fix it than it is worth. We were able to buy Matthew another car, PTL, but we need him to sell the van in California. Please pray now as we are requesting a new title which will have to be mailed to Croatia for my signature, then back to the US. Pray we can get the title to Matthew soon and can recoup some funds by selling it. Also, this was the van we were planning to use to teach Kirsten to drive next furlough in the Fall and for her to use to go to classes. Please pray for an inexpensive car for us to use with her.

6. We praise God for the time we could have with our teammate, Joy, who is Todd’s secretary. She did amazing work organizing his office and a ton of computer work on the Bible translations during the 3 weeks she visited us. She is currently in Budapest, Hungary, and will be returning next month to Australia for a year or so. Please pray for wisdom for her, health for her son and for her full financial support. She and Todd are pictured below working in his office.

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