Daily Prayer Calendar for April 2019 (The Prices Write, part 3)

And the LORD said to him, “I have heard your prayer and your plea, which you have made before me.”
(1 Kings 9:3 ESV)

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, click below:

April 1 Pray Todd can get Luke chapters 3 & 11-12 checked in the 4 Roma languages

April 2 Pray for $590 more in monthly pledges for our missionary support

April 3 Pray for the Lord’s will to be done about Kirsten going to boarding school in Germany (BFA)

April 4 If Kirsten is accepted, pray for the $15,000 needed for her room, board, tuition for her 10th grade year

April 5 Pray for Nedjeljko learning to use a computer to back translate Matthew in Bayash

April 6 Pray for our Bible translation consultant traveling to Croatia for a week of checking a translation

April 7 Pray for Jonathan as he recently relocated to Oakland to be closer to his work

April 8 Pray as we check the Bayash Bible translation of Luke chapters 1-3 & 10-11

April 9 Pray for Matthew moving to Oakland, for direction for school & work

April 10 Pray for wisdom & stamina checking the Luke translation in Bayash all this week

April 11 Pray for a great full-time job for Timothy, living in Kansas City

April 12 Pray for a great retreat for Kirsten at camp with other MKs this weekend in Croatia

April 13 Pray for full financial support for Elizabeth & Stephen so they can return to Albania

April 14 Pray for friends & for Croatian language learning for Daniel & Ariela

April 15 Pray for progress in accurately translating Open Bible Stories into the Ludari language

April 16 Pray for Renata as she edits the draft translation of Mark in Bayash

April 17 Pray for Kada as she edits the draft translation of Matthew and John in Arli

April 18 Pray for funding to finish the first phase of the ministry center in the Roma village

April 19 Pray for Goran editing the translation of Matthew & John in Gurbet

April 20 Pray for salvation & full commitment to Christ for several of our loved ones

April 21 Jesus Christ is risen today! Pray for many Roma to know Jesus, the resurrection & the life!

April 22 Pray for funds for our teammate, Joy, to purchase a car when she returns to Hungary later this year

April 23 Pray for Biljana as she edits the Bible translation of Matthew in Chergash

April 24 Pray we can get our annual visas for Croatia renewed before our trip to the States next month

April 25 Pray for us as we go through training at a conference in Slovenia

April 26 Pray for Djena editing the Bible translation of Mark in Chergash

April 27 Pray for a special time for all of us with friends at the conference

April 28 Pray for Naki editing the Bible translation draft of Luke & Mark in Gurbet

April 29 Pray for powerful teaching & worship at our biannual conference, meeting in Slovenia

April 30 Pray for Sasha editing the Bible translation draft of Luke and Acts in Arli

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