Our Daily Prayer Calendar (The Prices Write, March 2019, part 3)

“then hear in heaven their prayer and their plea, and maintain their cause” (1 Kings 8:45 ESV)

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing, click below:

March 1 Today is Elizabeth’s 24th birthday! Praise God for a very successful first year in Albania.

March 2 Today is Pam’s 50th birthday! Praise God for strength & health to serve the Lord

March 3 Pray for the Lord’s guidance for colleagues M. & I. making important ministry decisions

March 4 Praise God for our great Croatian landlord & that we can continue to live in this great house!

March 5 Praise God that Pam’s heart palpitations have been helped by more magnesium supplements

March 6 Praise God for great social & classroom time for Ariela at last week’s SHARE conference in Hungary

March 7 Pray for God’s guidance as we continue translating Luke in 4 languages

March 8 Timothy to be blessed & continue to be a great blessing to others in Kansas City

March 9 Pray for full financial support for Elizabeth & Stephen so they can return to Albania

March 10 Pray for Pam teaching Sunday school in Croatian for an effective & powerful class today

March 11 Pray for progress in accurately translating Open Bible Stories into the Ludari language

March 12 Pray for $580 more in monthly financial pledges for our missionary support

March 13 Pray for personal guidance from God for Matthew in his career choice

March 14 Pray for each of the Roma translators to walk closely with the Lord & have his wisdom

March 15 Today is Pam’s dad’s 86th birthday. Praise God for niece & family caring for him in TX.

March 16 Today, 25 years ago, we arrived on the mission field. Praise God for his daily help!

March 17 Pray for wisdom for Todd studying Luke 1-3 to guide the Roma with their translations of these chapters

March 18 Pray for funds for our teammate, Joy, to purchase a car when she returns to Hungary next month

March 19 Today is Jonathan’s 27th birthday! Pray for God’s kindness & mercies for him each day of his life.

March 20 Today is Daniel’s 11th birthday! Praise God for great Taekwando coach & continual progress in school.

March 21 Pray we can get translation reference helps translated into Croatian & that the Roma translators can use them effectively

March 22 Pray for the Roma Bible translators to grow in their ability to correctly interpret & translate

March 23 Pray for physical & spiritual protection over us & the translators as God’s Word is translated

March 24 Pray for Joy preparing to return from Australia, with many last minute details to attend to

March 25 Pray for Todd’s parents & sister in OKC to have joy, & good pain-free, healthy days

March 26 Pray for progress in Croatian language learning for Daniel, Ariela & Pam

March 27 Pray for Kirsten to have friends who closely follow Jesus & to imitate their faith

March 28 Pray for wisdom for our colleagues planning summer outreaches to the Roma

March 29 Pray for God’s wisdom for our consultant helping us check our Bible translations

March 30 Pray for God’s guidance & financial provision for those coming for summer outreach

March 31 Praise God that Lenna & Abigayl can return in August to help with the Roma ministry

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