Kirsten to Poland; Todd to Bayash village

Kirsten as last month’s MK camp in Croatia


Thank you for praying for us!

Please pray for Kirsten as she leaves tomorrow to go to Poland on a summer missions trip with other MKs to help do outreach with a youth group there.
Please pray for safety as she travels by car and bus.
Pray for spiritual fruit both in her and through her during these 10 days.
Pray for me also. After I drop her off at the bus station in Zagreb, Croatia, I will drive up toward the Slovenia border to the Bayash Roma village where I will work with Nedeljko for a couple hours on the Bible translation. Then I’ll head back home.
Pray for me for stamina during the long drives, our car to function well, and that the Lord will give us a great working time and much wisdom in translating.
Please pray for speed and accuracy in the translation work in the five Roma languages. We are 1/3 of the way through the time of our project which has funding for 3 years, but we are nowhere near 1/3 of the way complete on what we need to get translated by then.
Bible translation workshop in the Arli and Gurbet languages, meeting at my office
Praise God for the building permit coming through for the ministry center our colleagues are building in the Roma village here in Slavonski Brod.
Please pray for my dad as he undergoes chemo and fights a hard battle with colon cancer in his lungs (this is the second recurrence).
Pray for my mom, also, as she battles Parkinsons and for my sister, Tracey, taking care of them in OKC.
Pray for Pam’s mom selling her house and land to move to Texas to be with her husband who has Alzheimer’s and is being cared for by Pam’s sister, Val.
Thank you that we can come to you with these prayer requests!

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