Day 9, Roma Decade of the Book, Bor, Serbia

We were encouraged by the little Roma church in Bor, by their passion for the Lord, their faithfulness to witness compassionately and their kindness to us.

We visited a little mountain community of Roma and were warmly received for our children’s program of the Roma Decade of the Book. The kids enjoyed singing, watching a drama of a children’s story, making Bible book markers, playing games. At the end each adult and child received a packet of free Christian books. (We were especially excited for the guest appearance of Spiderman!)

In this village, our leader decided to involve the adults, too (there are always as many adults as kids standing around watching). It was so cute to see a grandma and grandma playing the fishing game (trying to get a pencil on a fishing pole into the mouth of a bottle as many times as possible in 30 seconds). We think the adults got even more excited than the kids.

There are a few believers in little mountain village but they can rarely get to church since transportation is such a challenge (it is about 15 miles from the city where the Roma church meetings). Please pray for them to be strong in the Lord and for God’s Word to spread rapidly and with much fruit in this area!


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