Day 9, Croatia trip: 2nd day of teen camp

Thank you for praying. Today was the second (and last) day of the teen day camp and 16 teens attended. We drove them from the village into town to the ministry house where we are staying. After praying, we sang a couple praise songs, then one of the summer teamers, Patrick, gave a short gospel sermon from the conversion of Saul in Acts 9, and another summer teamer, Kate, gave her testimony. The kids listened well. We ate lunch together of hot dogs and chips. The weather was nice and they played ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag outside, and made name bracelets inside.

Before the teens left to be driven home, we gave them each a copy of the newly-translated Gospel of Luke and 50 Bible stories in their language. Todd explained to them that there are three parts to the book we were giving them: 50 stories from the Bible, the Gospel of Luke, and a small dictionary which explains special words in the Bible. Then we had them practice reading the first three sentences of the story of creation. It was such a joy to hear them read in their Roma language, some of them for the first time! Would you please pray that they would read these (it is not at all easy for them to read in their language) and/or listen to the audio recordings of these that are available free from anywhere on the Internet, and share it with their parents?

The pictures below are of our song time, Patrick preaching and Kate giving her testimony, the kids making bracelets and playing outside, and Ariela and Pamala preparing lunch, signing each others’ T-shirts, playing table games, handing out the Bible stories and Luke, and teaching them how to read them, and giving them a small gift bag at the end (with chips, cookies, a popper toy, gel pens and an Easter coloring book in Croatian and Ludari).

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