Day 7: Sowing God’s Word in Serbia and Croatia among the Roma

Because we would be crossing the border from Serbia into Croatia soon, we had another COVID test that morning, so we could present the negative test results, which had to be no older than 48 hours by the time we crossed the border. That went smoothly, and we were all negative.

From there we drove over an hour to another city to meet up with the leaders of another Roma church. We went to their Friday service where Pierre preached. This church also has speakers of both Arli and Gurbet, so we handed out Luke and the 50 Bible stories, and played parts of Luke 15 in both languages so they could hear it. We also gave them business cards with information of how they could listen online free on our web site and YouTube.

A special moment was when the pastor invited forward for a prayer a young lady, who like the prodigal son in Luka 15, had wandered away from God, but was now returning. Pierre prayed over her and when she went back to her seat it was with a smile and tears in her eyes.

Pierre preaching. The sign on the wall is from John 14:6 in Serbian, “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.”
Copies of Luke and 50 Bible stories in Arli and Gurbet handed out at church

After that, we met the Serbian pastor who has a printing ministry, and we picked up the copies of the 50 Bible stories in color with pictures, where we had had him print 50 copies in Arli, 50 in Gurbet and 50 in Chergash. He has a real heart for, and ministry among, the Roma so it was exciting that he could take a sample copy of each language, and I could pass on to him business cards to distribute that give the website and YouTube address for people to listen online.

The car loaded up with Bible story books in the Chergash language

From there we drove on to another Roma church service. It was outdoors with lively worship music! There, Sergej preached, and we distributed Luke and the 50 Bible stories in the Arli and Gurbet languages. To the adults we gave out the books that include all of Luke, the Bible stories without pictures, and a glossary, and to the children, we gave out the Bible stories with pictures. We handed out about 60 copies and left another 30 for them to share with others later. You can see the pictures below, including one picture I love of a woman who picked up Luke and the Bible stories, started reading and sat there engrossed in reading for quite some time.

From there we drove on, enjoyed a late evening supper and birthday celebration for Saša and then stayed overnight at a camp that the Roma church has there, up in the hills. We left about 70 copies in Arli and Gurbet for that church to share with three other Roma churches.

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  1. Praising the Lord for His encouragement of you, and of His people who may now read His Word in their heart languages. And giving thanks too for the man who printed more books.
    Wondering how WE would pronounce the person whose birthday it was. Sasha?

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