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Wanna hear a cool answer to prayer?

Each month, Pam and I write out a prayer calendar with a request (or praise item) for each day. In order to get the calendar to the printer in time to be mailed out, we have to write the whole calendar early, and decide in advance which request to put for each day.

Well, today I looked at yesterday’s prayer request, and it was, “Pray for time and success reading and taking other training needed for Todd to get credentialed as a Bible translation consultant.” Then it dawned on me what had happened yesterday. Normally, my evenings are full with family responsibilities and activities, but yesterday Pam and the kids were gone all evening to visit a relative who was in town. So this freed up some time in the evening and I had decided to do some extra reading on Bible translation theory, and style and discourse in the Greek New Testament. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I saw how that had been a direct answer to prayer for that day, one I hadn’t even thought about consciously.

Thank you all for praying for the requests on our prayer calendar. God does answer. Today I came across this encouraging verse, “…and after that God was moved by prayer for the land” (2 Sam. 21:14 NASB95). Yes, God is moved by our prayers and he answers.

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  1. It is a wonderful surprise when you realise God has blessed you in a special way, and in answer to requests made to Him. He is marvellous, and attends to all the cares of His children.
    WE are encouraged to read this report from you.
    Kris and Evelyn

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