Pam’s surgery postponed until April 1

Well, Pamala’s surgery has been postponed until April 1. Please pray that she can have the surgery on that date without another delay.

Please continue to pray for my mom, Geri Price. I spoke with my sister today, and Mom is doing well, but because of the big snowstorm in OKC they have no water (presumably the pipes are frozen). Please pray that can get restored.

And pray for wisdom as hospice workers will be coming to the house to evaluate Mom and talk to my sister about care options this week. Please pray for a long-term solution for Mom’s 24/7 care now that my dad is no longer there to help her.

Matthew had a follow-up Zoom call with the doctor who did his nerve transfer surgery seven months ago in San Francisco. She reminded us that it is no surprise that there is no movement or nerve improvement yet since it might take up to two years after the surgery for the nerves to regrow. Pray for Matthew since it is discouraging and hard to stay positive when progress is so slow.

Thanks for praying for us,


Ariela enjoying Valentine’s decorations and her pretty dress!
Some of the treasures I found among my dad’s books: a little Buechner, a little Bonhoeffer, a little Bryson, and a little Barclay (among others).

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