Update on Todd’s dad

Thank you for your prayers. My dad, Max Price, is slipping very fast. He is in the hospice house hospital near his home in Oklahoma City and has been sleeping for over 30 hours. His vitals are low and it looks like his body is shutting down. We imagine that he only has hours left. My mom, Geri Price, is at home and Pam is with her. She has Parkinson’s and has been sleeping 20-22 hours per day lately. Though we have told her what is happening, it doesn’t appear that she understands. My sister, Tracey, spent the night with Dad in his hospital room and I’m here now also with them. Dad’s sister and nephews and family have been here visiting as well. All our kids were able to do a video chat together with Dad; even though he was asleep and unresponsive, we trust he heard the love in their voices. Please continue to uphold us in prayer, especially my mom and sister. And please pray for us; Pam’s hysterectomy is 2/18 in Kansas City.

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  1. Dear Todd and Pam, We are certainly lifting you up before the Lord, for His comfort and strength at this sad time. God bless each one of you with His peace and inner joy. Kris and Evelyn Meijer

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