Todd’s dad in hospice facility

We are down in Oklahoma City for about a week. Many of you know that my dad, Max Price, has been battling Alzheimer’s and colon cancer. He has been on hospice home care for a while now, and today we had to admit him as an inpatient at the hospice house facility for a 3-5 day stay. As of yesterday, he no longer has the use of his legs due to the tumor pressing on his spine, so this means that he will be bedridden. He was the primary caretaker for my mom, who has Parkinson’s, so this is a significant blow to all of us. They will both now need to have around-the-clock care, so my sister, Tracey, and we are scrambling to come up with a plan and are in need of home help. At the same time, we are taking it one day at a time and are also so thankful that Pamala and I were here visiting when Dad got stuck on the floor and was no longer able to stand. We are grateful for the kind firefighters who moved him into bed and for the wonderful hospice nurses. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy for Dad, Mom, my sister Tracey, Pamala, and me. It is so encouraging to know that you all are lifting us up in prayer.

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  1. Boyopenu – New Mexico, USA – I will be 73 on June 7, 2020. I have lived in MN, ND, NC, TX, NM and overseas. I have studied Latin, Greek, Cree, Michif, Tok Pisin, and Nahu / Iyo, a Melanesian language. The US is my mother, and PNG is my lover. The Lord is my Shepherd.
    Colin Murphy says:

    I will pray for you and your family, Todd.
    I know this is tough stuff. God is there, even in the whirlwind. Look to Him.
    In Christ, Colin Murphy, in New Mexico

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