The Prices Write (October 2020, part 1)

Pam with her mom, Barbie, and sisters, (L-R) Val, Ruth and Kim
Family reunion with Pam’s family
Pam and extended family talking to her dad, Mal, through the window at his nursing home

In August, we gathered in the Dallas, Texas, area for a family reunion with Pam’s mom, three sisters and many of their children. We were able to visit Pam’s dad, Mal, at the nursing home where he lives, and talk to and sing with him through the window over the telephone. Our kids got to hang out with their cousins and we made lots of memories at the hotel, swimming, getting coffee and tea, catching up with each other and laughing a lot.

Pam’s sister, Ruth, and family have moved back from China; it has been very special catching up with them

We’ve also visited Todd’s family in Oklahoma City. It has been special to spend time with Todd’s parents, especially now that their health is declining. A highlight has been seeing their joy when we sing hymns together with them.

Todd’s dad, who loves flowers, giving a bouquet to Pam when we visited them
We went back to the picnic table in Oklahoma City where I took Pam on a picnic when she came to meet my family for the first time 32 years ago!

We have begun speaking at churches, and so far have spoken in Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. We would be glad to speak to your church or small group to share with them about Bible translation among the Roma. We would love to see you if you can make it to any of the upcoming meetings:

10/11 at Graham Union Church, Graham, Iowa;

10/18 at The Road Church, Blue Springs, Missouri;

10/25 at Newburg Chester Church, Grinnell, Iowa;

& 11/1 at Zion Church, Freeport, Illinois.

Celebrating Todd’s 54th birthday
Working from my home office in Independence, checking translations by Zoom
Editing Luke in the Gurbet language

We have recently been editing the translations of Luke 16-17 in the Arli, Chergash and Gurbet languages, Luke 18-21 in the Bayash language, and Luke 4-6 in the Ludari language, via Zoom meetings. We’re thankful for software and the Internet that make all this Bible translation work possible. Thank you for your prayers and kind financial support!

Todd & Pamala Price
(Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

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