Our (belated) daily prayer calendar, August 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)

But as for me, my prayer is to you, O LORD. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.
(Ps. 69:13 ESV)

(For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for downloading, click below:)

August 14 Praise God that our shipment of belongings arrived safely from Croatia and pray as we unpack our things for time, strength, and stamina

August 15 Pray for Kirsten soon learning to drive & for Todd teaching her, for safety & quick learning

August 16 Praise God that our neighbor boy next door goes to church with us often & joins Pam & Ariela for Bible reading on week days

August 17 Pray for Todd to make rapid, efficient progress in editing the Bible translations we are doing in 5 Roma languages, & that the translations would be accurate & clear

August 18 Pray for Kirsten at her first day of classes at Calvary University, for faithfulness in her studies and to grow to have a close walk with Jesus

August 19 Pray as Daniel & Ariela have their orientation for the new home school co-op they will be in this year, for good friends & good learning

August 20 Pray for us in Oklahoma City through the 27th, that Todd’s parents house can get needed repairs done & for us to get power-of-attorney & other paperwork accomplished

August 21 Pray for Elizabeth’s husband, Stephen, soon to graduate from police academy. His birthday is today!

August 22 Joy, in Budapest, will be continuing in tasks there plus translation help. Praise for her many ministries & being able to stay in Hungary longer.

August 23 Pray for Roma in “our” village to attend worship evenings at our teammates’ house

August 24 Pray for a successful school year for Timothy at community college

August 25 Pray for perseverance and diligence for our Roma translators for Ludari with much work to do to finish Luke

August 26 Pray for strength, good health, spiritual stamina for Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

August 27 Pray for full financial support for Andy, Lim, Sergej, Željka and Joy in their important ministries

August 28 Pray for safe travels for Pam’s sisters & families and us traveling to Dallas. (One sister is now back from East Asia.)

August 29 Pray for a great family reunion with Pam’s family in Dallas this weekend

August 30 Pray for wisdom in helping Pam’s mom’s needs to be met with costs of Pam’s dad’s care center increasing

August 31 Pray for travel restrictions to Croatia to be loose enough for Todd to travel there October 1-15 for Bible translation work

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