Our daily prayer calendar (July 2020, The Prices Write, part 2)

“Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer [’stone of help’], saying,
‘Thus far the LORD has helped us.’”
(1 Sam. 7:12 NASB)

Daily Prayer Calendar (July 2020)

(For this prayer list formatted as a calendar designed to be printed out, download below:)

July 1 Pray for Todd the make daily, efficient progress in editing the 5 Bible translations

July 2 Praise God for providing a house, car, truck, van & shipping transportation fees

July 3 Pray for Alen, Kada & Sasha as they translate the Bible into the Arli language

July 4 Praise God for freedom of worship in our country

July 5 Pray we as a family will edify others & be edified through worship & teaching on Sundays

July 6 Pray for Matthew & Todd traveling to San Francisco today, for safety & health

July 7 Praise God for providing free housing for Todd in San Francisco during Matthew’s hospital visit

July 8 Pray for God’s guidance as Matthew meets with the surgeon today

July 9 Pray for successful nerve transfer surgery for Matthew tomorrow

July 10 Pray for safety during Matthew’s operation and a smooth & quick recovery

July 11 Pray for minimal pain for Matthew & that he will not need high-powered pain killers

July 12 Pray for stamina for Elizabeth and Stephen’s stressful jobs & training

July 13 Pray for quick recovery & hospital discharge for Matthew

July 14 Pray for safe arrival of our belongings being shipped by sea from Croatia

July 15 Pray for our teammate, Joy Hill, in Budapest as she serves administratively in the Bible translation work

July 16 Praise that MK friends from Europe were also in KC for Kirsten & Ariela to spend time with

July 17 Pray for Tracey, Todd’s sister, managing his parents’ care for so long

July 18 Pray for Kirsten soon learning to drive & for Todd teaching her, for safety & quick learning

July 19 Pray for wisdom in decisions for Todd’s parent’s future care

July 20 Pray for Zoki & Stanoje translating the Bible into the Ludari language, for accuracy, efficiency & clarity

July 21 Pray for God sightings for Jonathan, to see life through the eyes of faith

July 22 Praise for the kindness of Timothy’s mentor investing in his life

July 23 Pray for Natasha & Renata translating the Bible into Bayash language, to clearly & accurately translate

July 24 Praise for the huge blessing Pam’s sister & family have been since we returned to KC. Today is their anniversary!

July 25 Pray for enough social interaction for Pam’s dad with Alzheimer’s in a Dallas nursing home

July 26 Praise for the blessing of having a boy next door Ariela’s age that she can play & socialize with

July 27 Pray for good friends for Daniel in KC & adjustments to all the transitions at this important age (12)

July 28 Pray for Biljana & Djena translating the Bible into Chergash, for a clear & accurate translation

July 29 Pray for wisdom & strength for Pam unpacking our belongings when the shipment arrives from Croatia

July 30 Pray for Goran & Naki translating the Bible into Gurbet, for good, accurate progress translating

July 31 Pray for Goran & others to be able to complete audio recordings of more chapters of Luke

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