Our daily prayer calendar for June 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)

“But as for me, my prayer is to you, O LORD. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.”
(Psalm 69:13 ESV)

This prayer list is formatted as a calendar for printing here:

June 1 Praise God for providing a house for us to rent in Kansas City

June 2 Today is the 60th anniversary of Todd’s parents, Max & Geri Price! Please pray for good health for them.

June 3 Pray for Matthew to have wisdom whether to have nerve transfer surgery

June 4 Praise God for the home where Todd & Matthew have been since April 1 which we’re still using until moving into our rental house

June 5 Pray as the author of His Word that God will guide us & the Arli Bible translators, working especially in Luke & John

June 6 Pray as we and friends from church move the furniture into the house in Kansas City today

June 7 Pray for refreshing worship & fellowship at church for our whole family

June 8 Pray as we set up the new house & get settled into our new neighborhood

June 9 Pray we will be able to find what we need when unpacking & setting up the house

June 10 Praise God that He gave Pam wisdom & strength for packing

June 11 Praise God for the furniture our church friends donated to us

June 12 Pray for long-term solution for Matthew’s left shoulder pain from the limb’s dead weight & compromised muscles

June 13 Praise for how our team in Croatia helped Pam so much with moving, especially at the end

June 14 Today is Stephen & Elizabeth’s 6th wedding anniversary! Pray for continual blessings.

June 15 Pray for Matthew for friendships in KC that will be really helpful, spiritually, emotionally & socially

June 16 Pray for efficiency for Todd leading & checking the Bible translation projects even with our move

June 17 Pray for our teammate, Joy Hill, in Budapest as she serves administratively in the Bible translation work

June 18 Pray for Gurbet translators for the Lord’s wisdom & insight in translating accurately & clearly

June 19 Pray God will give grace to Daniel for many adjustments with our move

June 20 Pray for Kirsten learning to drive, & for Todd teaching her, for safety & quick learning

June 21 Thank God for the father’s in our lives & pray they will always lead & serve for God’s glory. Happy Father’s Day!

June 22 Pray for Ludari translators to be accurate & clear in their translation work, currently in Luke & Acts

June 23 Pray for the power & presence of Jesus to be made manifest to Jonathan each day

June 24 Pray for good schooling & work situation for Timothy, for guidance for his future & for edifying close friends

June 25 Pray God will guide & empower us & the Bayash translators to clearly & accurately translate, in Luke & Joshua

June 26 Praise for friendships for Ariela on both sides of the ocean & for cousins here in the States

June 27 Praise & keep praying for health for both sets of our parents, especially at their age

June 28 Pray for wisdom for our 2 Bible translation consultants as they check, evaluate & make suggestions for the drafts of Luke

June 29 Praise for good health for all of us during these months of packing, transition & change

June 30 Pray God will strengthen us & the Chergash translators to make the translation clear & natural, currently in Luke, 1 & 2 Timothy

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