Matthew’s discharge & outpatient wound care and pain management

Thank you for praying for Matthew. For most of today (Sunday), his pain was quite low, but it did spike and stay up for a long time in the afternoon. Please pray that tonight and tomorrow morning, his pain will be very low so he can be discharged from UCSF Parnassus tomorrow (Monday).

If all goes well, Pamala, Daniel, and Ariela will spend Monday and Tuesday nights at a hotel with Matthew and me before they fly back to Croatia on Wednesday.

Matthew’s two splints are still causing pain. Please pray that the occupational therapists will make adjustments and find solutions so the splints will not cause discomfort.

Changing the dressings on the skin grafts twice daily is difficult, but Matthew has a great attitude. 

  1. Pray that he and I can work out a suitable solution since we need to do it ourselves most days. 
  2. Pray for the details to work out for either outpatient wound care or in-home care a few times per week. 
  3. Please also pray for Matthew since physical exertion and social interaction are very tiring. 
  4. Pray for his body to heal quickly and thoroughly and that we can begin nerve tests soon. 
  5. Pray for full restoration of his left arm, which would be nothing short of miraculous. 
  6. Pray that Matthew would be able to get back into his design course and finish it in a timely manner without financial loss.
  7. Pray for grace, stamina, and courage for Matthew as he deals with his disability and learns to do in a new way (with one arm, and that being his non-dominate hand) many things he has taken for granted for many years.
  8. Pray for Matthew as he heads down a changed path for his living arrangments, schooling, and career.

Pamala stayed overnight again with Matthew in his hospital room. 

This morning Daniel, Ariela, and I attended Dolores Park Church in SF, including their Valentine’s Day lunch. The congregation was very kind in affirming their prayer support for Matthew. This is the loving church that is providing free use of their church cottage, which is less than 2 miles from Matthew’s hospital.

Psalms 116 and 118 were a great challenge and comfort to us today.

Thank you for your prayers,


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