Get well balloon & cards from Ariela

Ariela picked out a balloon to bring to Matthew. She had also made him a get well card and craft (see pictures) that she brought from Croatia.

Matthew’s pain level has been high lately. Please pray for him and the medical team that his pain can be kept under control and for the Lord to give him special grace and comfort during times when the pain is the worst.

Today the occupational therapist made some adjustments to his splint to keep it from rubbing his hand. He was also able to walk around the ward with the physical therapist.

They are beginning to talk about discharge, perhaps by the end of the week. Before that can happen, his pain will need to be under control, his skin graft healing correctly, and he will need a sling for his arm.

We spoke with one of the insurance companies today. Please pray they will cover Matthew’s medical expenses. Also, Jonathan went to the highway patrol to pick up the full police report, which we will read over and send to the lawyer.

We will be making arrangments so that once Matthew is discharged he can have regular hand therapy, and if necessary physical and occupational therapy. Pray as we make arrangments for that therapy locally in San Franciso, that the insurance will approve it and that we can find housing nearby.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers,

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