Our Daily Prayer Calendar for December 2019

“O God, hear my prayer; give ear to the words of my mouth.”
(Psalm 54:2 ESV)

To download this prayer list formatted for printing out, go here:

December 1 Pray God will use the online & YouTube audio recordings of Bible stories & Luke 1-2 in Gurbet to build His Kingdom

December 2 Pray for Goran, Naki & Emrush to successfully finish recording the rest of the 50 Bible stories in Gurbet

December 3 Using audio recordings is a great way to test the clarity of the translation; pray for wisdom for the team to make changes if needed

December 4 Pray that by the New Year we can register a foundation in Croatia & Serbia for administering Bible translators’ finances

December 5 Pray we can finish the 50 Bible stories in Bayash & get them printed by next week

December 6 Pray for Timothy to have great mentors and good work

December 7 Pray for God’s guidance as Zoki & Stanoja translate Matthew, Mark & Luke in Ludari

December 8 Pray we can get the 50 Bible stories & Luke 1 & 2 in an app for digital distribution

December 9 Pray when can get Luke 1 & 2 printed in Bayash this week for Christmas distribution on Dec. 20

December 10 Pray for good progress for Daniel with his vision therapy & learning Croatian

December 11 Pray for Kirsten finishing up her first semester at BFA & to have a beneficial Christmas break at home

December 12 Pray for our area leader, Cathy, currently in the US with her father, close to the end of his life

December 13 Praise God we could celebrate Thanksgiving last month with other Christian workers in this region

December 14 Pray for Djena & Biljana for God’s guidance as they translate into the Chergash language

December 15 Pray for Joy in Australia as she works virtually with us from a distance, for a good daily & weekly routine for her

December 16 Pray for Natasha & Renata as they check & edit the Bayash language Bible translation

December 17 Pray for Jonathan to experience Christ as his eternal treasure

December 18 Pray for details to come together for Friday’s Christmas outreach among the Bayash & for good attendance & attentiveness

December 19 Praise God for the great experience Ariela is having in Croatian ballet; her Christmas performance is tonight

December 20 Pray for God’s Spirit to work powerfully as we distribute the book of 50 Bible stories & Luke 1-2 in a Bayash village in NW Croatia

December 21 Pray for God’s Spirit to use the Bayash translations to bring spiritual transformation to Roma adults & children in Croatia

December 22 Pray for the remaining $7500 we need for the rest of Kirsten’s school year at BFA & flights home for visits & at end of year

December 23 Pray for Stephen & Elizabeth as they minister wherever they are & for meaningful times with siblings this week

December 24 Pray for meaningful conversations & enlightenment spiritually for Matthew

December 25 Praise God for sending His only begotten Son as the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world! Merry Christmas!

December 26 Pray for Todd to get enough mental & emotional rest

December 27 Pray for spiritual fruit through the Christmas outreaches our colleagues are doing in Slavonski Brod & Sisak

December 28 Pray for Pamala to have the Spirit’s guidance & understanding & encouragement for all those she serves

December 29 Praise God for safety in all our travels, & for good health & good weather this winter

December 30 Ask God to guide Sasha & Kada in Bible translation in the Arli language

December 31 Pray for strength, stamina & spiritual insight for our translation consultant with many languages to check

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