Announcing the Decade of Roma Bible Translation: 2015-2025


Happy New Year! The beginning of 2015 marks a very joyous and challenging time for us. The Roma (Gypsies) remain the largest and most despised minority in Europe. They have been hated and marginalized for decades. Yet we firmly believe that God loves them dearly and that He is for them, not against them. We have launched the Roma Bible Society ( with a special mandate to do all that we can to bring the Scriptures to the Roma of Europe and western Eurasia in their heart language. With the Roma numbering 12-16 million and speaking over 80 different dialects, Bible translation for the Roma presents a daunting challenge. We are researching the current needs for translation and have identified four dialects in our area (Hungary, Serbia and Croatia) where translation is needed. Please pray for $50,000 needed for the first stages of Bible translation in these four dialects.

We are crying out to God to make this decade (2015-2025) a special breakthrough in Roma Bible translation. In line with the goal shared by others to see Bible translation begun in every language in the world which still needs it by the year 2025, we are asking God to bring this about for the Roma. Join us in giving, going and praying that Bible translation will begin in this decade (2015-2025) for every Roma dialect which still needs it.

Our vision: To see God’s Word in the heart language of every Roma/Gypsy in Europe and western Eurasia.

Our passion: The Bible … for all Roma!

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