How much of the pie is eaten so far?

Thank you for your faithful prayers for the work of Bible translation! The pie chart above illustrates how much progress the teams have made in completing the translation of the New Testament in three Roma languages (Arli, Chergash and Gurbet). We’ve completed 56%, are in the middle of doing another 11% and have 33% that we have not yet started. The breakdown of individual NT books is given below.

We are thrilled with the progress and thankful for the Lord’s strength to keep working day in and day out on the joyful task of translating God’s Word.

Each week, we meet as translation teams over Zoom with a goal of completing 62 verses in each of the three languages. We are currently working on the Gospel of John and are in the middle of chapter 5.

As each book is completed, it is published online in the YouVersion app. Above are screenshots from Matthew 6, including the Lord’s prayer, in the three languages. Additionally, the books are being recorded and will be published in audio format online soon.

Thank you all for praying for me while I attended the biennial Bible Translation Conference in Dallas, TX. My replacement computer arrived at our house just hours before I needed to leave for the airport to travel to the conference. This was a huge answer to prayer since my laptop had died, and I needed a computer at the conference so I could learn and explore the new Bible translation software that was being presented.

The conference was a fantastic time together with 500 people from around the world, as we gathered to worship, pray, and attend seminars and panels on the subject of quality assurance in Bible translation. It was a privilege to get to meet some amazing people, find out about some new software tools, and learn many good principles to equip me in my work of Bible translation.

We are currently praying for an additional $525 per month in monthly pledges, whether from new donors or from our current individual supporters and churches who will increase their current pledges. (Our needed budget has increased from rising insurance premiums, taxes, and general inflation.) We’d appreciate prayer for that. If you would be interested in giving or increasing your giving, please see the information below on how to give, and please let us know so we can update our records.

We so appreciate your partnership in this work. There is no way we could do it without you. All we do is for His glory, and as our prayer partners and supporters, you will also share in the eternal reward that our kind and gracious Father is laying up for us.


Todd & Pamala

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