A prodigal finds his way home

This morning’s Zoom meeting translating Mark 6 and 7 in the Gurbet language.

Not long ago, Goran, one of our Roma Bible translators (pictured top left, above) shared this encouraging story:

“After distribution of the Gospel of Luke in both Gurbet and Arli dialects, a man who spoke Gurbet said that he was very touched by the story of the prodigal son. In that story, he recognized himself and asked for additional explanations about Jesus. A big change became visible in the man. He gave his life to Jesus and he quickly went home to tell his wife. We shared with her Luke’s Gospel in the Arli dialect. After a few days, she also came to surrender her life to Jesus. They live in Sweden, and they promised that they would go to a church fellowship there and that they want to continue to live their lives in accordance with the Bible.”

Below are pictures of the Gospel of Luke in the Gurbet and Arli languages:

Please pray for this couple to grow strong in their faith and become faithful, life-long followers of Jesus.

Pray also for many more Roma to be brought to Christ or be strengthened in their faith in Christ through reading or listening to the Gospel of Luke in the five Roma languages we have produced (in printed and audio formats).

To God alone be the glory,


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