“That’s our language!”

Luke & 50 Bible stories in our 5th language

O happy day! We praise the Lord for getting the Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories printed in our 5th Roma language (called Ludari). This is the language spoken in the village in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, where we used to live. In the picture above, I’m standing in front of the Roma flag (which Kirsten had made especially for me on Father’s Day) holding a copy of each of the books we had printed in Ludari: (1) Luke & 50 Bible stories without pictures (for wider distribution); (2) 50 Bible stories with illustrations (small number printed); and (3) 50 illustrated Bible stories in both Ludari and Croatia in side-by-side columns, made especially to help new readers or for settings with a mix of languages.

The Pioneers team went to each of the 80 houses in a large Roma village where they have been conducting ministry for many years. As they told the people about the translation and offered them a copy, they also had the audio version playing through portable speakers. Sergej said, “It was interesting to watch people have a confused look while listening and then say: “That’s our language!

showing the inside of Luke and of the illustrated Bible stories
showing the inside of the “diglot”, which has Ludari in one column and Croatian in the column beside it

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support that made this possible! Please pray that many Ludari will read and/or listen to the audio recordings of God’s Word and that the Lord will use it to draw many to Him and cause His church to grow for His glory.


Todd & Pamala

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