Flying the flag of missions to children; checking Matthew chapters 10-13

Last week our church held our vacation Bible school and Pam and I led the missions class. We had 35-40 kids, ages pre-K through 5th grade. Pam did an amazing job teaching. She taught the kids (in an age-appropriate way so they could grasp it), why and how we do Bible translation for Roma. In the top picture she’s showing the kids the translation of the Bible story book in Arli and Croatian.

We also hosted two other missionary families our church supports as they shared about their ministries and told the kids about the other missionaries supported by our church who couldn’t be there. And on the last evening she taught them how to share the gospel themselves using the Wordless Book (pictured above). You’re never too young to learn!

Please pray for these young hearts that they all would know Jesus and that many would catch a vision to be missionaries through their prayers, giving and going.

The last couple weeks I have been looking over and checking the translations of Matthew chapters 10-13 in three Roma languages (Arli, Gurbet and Chergash). Starting tomorrow morning we will meet online over Zoom as teams to discuss the translations and make needed corrections and adjustments to get the translations up to the level where they can be published. Please pray for me to have much wisdom as I lead these consultations and for the Roma translators as they make decisions in editing their translation drafts. Please also pray for good health, all the technology (Internet, software, laptops) to work well, and for us to make good progress toward our goal of translating 500 verses in each of the languages this quarter (July-September 2022).

Along with their work of translating, each of the Roma Bible translators is taking classes to earn a Diploma in Bible Translation. Please pray for me as I grade their Serbo-Croatian homework for two classes they recently took, “Process of Bible Translation” and “Principles of Bible Translation (part 1)”. And please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and enablement as I prepare to teach “Sociolinguistics” to them in Serbo-Croatian in Slovakia in September. I’m currently preparing the 15 hours of lectures and would appreciate your prayers.

We so appreciate your prayers and support!

Todd & Pamala

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