Answer to prayer for insurance payment; prayer requests for other needs; praise for a great birthday celebration

For many months I have been watching for the charges for Matthew’s hospital stays after his accident, waiting to see how things would turn out regarding insurance payments and what we would be responsible for out of pocket. The hospital where Matthew had his longest stay had listed $0 as the amount we owed, but with a note saying that there were charges we might be responsible for, totaling $150,000. Yikes! I had been watching that account online, and we had been praying for a long time.

Last week I saw that our insurance had paid $147,000 of that! Hallelujah! What a huge answer to prayer. We are thankful for your prayers and for such good insurance through Pioneers. Praise God for his kindness shown to us in this way!

We’d appreciate pray for some related things:

  1. Pray for the bills from the other hospital, that those can be settled very soon in a favorable way since there are still outstanding charges being negotiated.
  2. The request for an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew has been denied three times, and in a few days a fourth and final decision will be made by the insurance. Please pray that we can get it approved and get Matthew fitted for it as soon as possible. It has been over a year since his amputation.
  3. I (Todd) am in Oklahoma City with my mom for a couple weeks while Pamala and the kids are home in Kansas City. Please pray that we will be able to get my mom into a nursing home facility very soon, one that works with Parkinson’s patients and accepts Medicaid, and that she will be approved for Medicaid ASAP.

A week ago we celebrated Pam’s birthday. It was great to have all the kids at our place for supper, and even Jonathan joining us by video chat from San Francisco.

The birthday girls, enjoying a coffee date out with a friend. Elizabeth’s birthday was March 1 and Pam’s March 2
A beautiful rose for my beautiful rose!
Ariela made breakfast for Pam’s birthday

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  1. Praying for the rest of Matthew’s bills to be paid and for Matthew to receive the prosthetic arm. We also continue to pray for Pamala’s surgery on April 1st. God bless you all, Dave & Karen

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