Our daily prayer calendar for November 2020 (The Prices Write)

Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer;
listen to my plea for grace.
(Ps. 86:6 ESV

Our Daily Prayer Calendar for November 2020

(The Prices Write, part 2)

To download this prayer list in the format of a calendar for printing out, go here:

November 1 Pray for rest, refreshment & spiritual edification for all of us on this Lord’s day

November 2 Pray for Todd to make efficient & accurate progress in editing Luke in the Ludari language

November 3 Pray for Zoki & Stanoja to accurately & clearly edit their Ludari translation of Luke

November 4 Pray the Arli translators can successfully test their translation of Luke with other Roma to make sure they understand it

November 5 Pray the Gurbet translators can successfully test the translation of Luke with other Roma to ensure that it is clear & natural

November 6 Pray we can successfully test Luke 17-24 in the Ludari community to make sure they clearly understand what is translated

November 7 Pray for Kirsten to get her driver’s license soon & for safety when she drives to school & work

November 8 Pray for God to use us as Todd preaches at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Spring, MO, this morning

November 9 Today is Timothy’s 30th birthday! Pray for diligence in his college classes for computer science

November 10 Pray for strength & wisdom for Todd’s sister as she helps with Todd’s parents’ daily needs

November 11 Pray for Joy Hill helping remotely from Hungary with Bible translation computer help

November 12 Pray the Chergash translators can successfully test the translation of Luke with other Roma to make sure it is clear

November 13 Pray the Bayash translators can successfully make an audio recording of the Gospel of Luke

November 14 Pray for salvation for each of our children & the children of some of our friends we know

November 15 Praise God for giving us safe travels as we have spoken in churches on many weekends

November 16 Pray for God’s wisdom & power as we check & edit Luke 18-24 in the Arli language with our consultant

November 17 Pray for God’s wisdom & power as we check & edit Luke 22-24 in the Bayash language with our consultant

November 18 Pray for Matthew to see God’s hand providing a job & our insurance to cover a prosthetic arm for him

November 19 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted for that soon

November 20 Pray for wisdom, accuracy & fast progress for Todd checking Luke chapters 1-3, and 7-16 in the Ludari language

November 21 Pray that Daniel will be accepted into a low-cost orthodontics program & be able to start getting braces within a year

November 22 Pray for encouragement & spiritual growth for our church family in Slavonski Brod, Croatia & Pastor Darko

November 23 Pray for protection for Stephen & Elizabeth working at high-risk jobs in downtown Kansas City

November 24 Pray for a lot of progress in home schooling, to catch up after this past year’s challenges & transitions

November 25 Praise for Spring Creek Baptist Church’s help with Todd’s mom & dad, Max & Geri, in Oklahoma City

November 26 Pray for wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with our kids & Todd’s side of the family in Oklahoma City

November 27 Praise God for kind workers for Pam’s dad, Mal’s, memory care at Saddlebrook in Frisco, TX

November 28 Pray for spiritual fruit in teens & kids clubs in Slavonski Brod, Croatia which Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka lead

November 29 Pray for spiritual fruit through home Bible studies & fellowship meetings in Slavonski Brod Roma village

November 30 Pray we can finish Luke in Bayash, Arli, Chergash & Gurbet by the end of January & in Ludari by the end of July 2021

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