Matthew’s surgery went well

Thank you for praying for Matthew. His surgery went very well. It was to clean out his left arm wounds and replace the dressing and wound VAC.

He is thrilled to be out of Trauma ICU. He is now in the Trauma Medical Surgical ward, currently in a shared room. At the moment, he doesn’t have a roommate, so it is nice to have a little space.

Of course, he was not allowed to have food from midnight until his 1 pm surgery. So for supper after surgery, he wanted to splurge with a hamburger, fries, and milkshake!

We had a good talk with the trauma surgeon and the plastic (nerve) surgeon to learn more about the options for his left arm. We still need a lot more information about and wisdom for the best way to move forward with nerve repair, muscle and ligament repair.

Thank you so much for praying,
Todd for all of us

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