Daily Prayer Calendar for November 2019

“ I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words.”
(Psalm 17:6 ESV)

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, download here:

November 1 Pray for our consultant flying from the States to Croatia today for translation checking workshops

November 2 Pray our consultant will stay healthy, adjust to jet lag & have wisdom as he preaches, teaches & checks the translations

November 3 Pray for our first meeting between our consultant & the new Bible translators for the Ludari language

November 4 Pray for wisdom & God’s enablement as we edit Luke chapters 11-15 in the Arli & Gurbet languages

November 5 Pray for Sasha, Naki, Kada and Goran as they make edits this week in Luke while we check the passages

November 6 Pray for our consultant, Todd & Sergej guiding our Roma translators as we check their translations

November 7 Pray that we will be filled with spiritual sensitivity and wisdom

November 8 Pray for good sessions checking the new Ludari translation of Luke 4 and training the new translators

November 9 Pray for Djena & Biljana as we check Luke 11-15 in the Chergash language, for God’s guidance & strength

November 10 Pray for Joy in Australia as she works virtually with us from a distance, for a good daily & weekly routine for her

November 11 Pray for Natasha & Renata as they check & edit the Bayash language translation of Luke chapters 4, and 11-15

November 12 Pray for health, strength & stamina for Todd, Sergej & our consultant as we near the end of 11 days of checking sessions

November 13 Pray for safety in travels tomorrow after finishing the Bible translation checking sessions

November 14 Pray for Timothy to have safety in job travel & for good friendships through church

November 15 Pray for Kirsten at BFA to seek the Lord as her first passion, to do well in her studies & have edifying dorm life

November 16 Pray for Brad traveling to Serbia from the US today, & Todd from Croatia tomorrow, for safety & good health

November 17 Pray for the remaining $7500 we need for the rest of Kirsten’s school year at BFA & flights home for visits & at end of year

November 18 Pray for Brad, Todd, Goran & Naki as they make an audio recording of 50 Bible stories & Luke chapters 1-2 in Gurbet

November 19 Pray for the recording equipment & other details to run smoothly & for efficiency in recording Bible stories & chapters

November 20 Praise God for Jonathan getting on his desired team at work & pray he sees God’s hand in life’s details

November 21 Pray that by Christmas we can print Luke 1-2 & 50 Bible stories in 4 Roma languages

November 22 Pray that by Christmas we can get the text & audio of Luke 1-2 & 50 Bible stories in 4 languages online & in a phone app

November 23 Pray for Elizabeth & Stephen for stamina in their daily jobs & extra ministry on weekends

November 24 Pray for Matthew to do well with his classes & to seek the Lord

November 25 Pray that by the New Year we can register a foundation in Croatia & Serbia for administering Bible translators’ finances

November 26 Pray for Daniel to make continued progress in his vision therapy & Croatian. Praise God for his great attitude!

November 27 Pray for Todd’s mom to have the medications she needs with the challenges of Parkinson’s

November 28 Happy Thanksgiving Day! Praise God for his faithful provision & love!

November 29 Praise God that even though a supporting church closed, they sent us 22 years worth of monthly support!

November 30 Praise for a girl from church Ariela’s age who has been over to play with Ariela & also knows some English

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