English camp

Thank you so much for praying for English camp in Lakitelek, Hungary. Please pray the Lord will work in the hearts of each camper, drawing lost ones to himself and strengthening the believers as disciples. We spent July 14-22 at the camp as a family teaching English. See the pictures below of our classes, the students and staff, and our kids in the childrens’ program.


36245491365_4ceb15461f_z36238605095_4577d02ef9_z36204325086_5253e872a3_z36204317686_9c80c18b71_z (1)36203797126_ebed4808ee_z36203576126_cbe9b95789_z36197782606_ee28d73a2a_z36111448421_8cd8234f62_z36110753201_344ca610cc_z36078484432_7fa22d43bc_z36071497092_31b4434d69_z36068835812_f46251ae3c_z36068828802_6592a9d9c9_z35852044450_e3b38dd403_z35681552490_77a355ffbd_z35439768503_9bd880be32_z35433567863_0dd84e7829_z35412676504_f8d1d76ac5_z35412594844_a9771226bf_z





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