Save $73 off my book through the end of the year

Gorgias Press is discounting my book by 40% through the end of 2016. I do not receive any royalties or any payments whatsoever when my book is sold, nor have I from any previous sales, but I believe that the message is quite important so I am encouraging a wide reading audience. Please consider recommending it to libraries which might be interested (even with the discount the cost is $109).

One thought on “Save $73 off my book through the end of the year

  1. Finally finished digesting this book over a two month period. You CANNOT read it in one or two or a hundred sittings. It has profoundly changed my personal theology (“…everyone is a theologian – of one sort or another” – Ryrie). It is an absolutely brilliant and thoroughly referenced call to re-think how we SHOULD arrive at our epistemological understanding of foreign words spoken two thousand years ago in a specific geopolitical culture. I now look askance at all the “standard” reference tools that have been used over the past 400 years to elucidate the “precise” meaning of New Testament scriptural passages. Dr. Price’s work is just the beginning of a long overdue FRESH and primary and original and independent lexicology of the New Testament Greek language, a lexicology born of the union of computer logistics and electronic corpora representative of the New Testament Greek language. But it is only a beginning, and will require the same life-long dedication and love for the Word of future linguists. Dr. Price is a GIANT and a HERO in my mind, not only because of his fabulous dissertation, but also because he follows through with his belief system in his personal life. I would pay over ten times the price of this book. If you take your theology seriously, BUY THIS BOOK.

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