2 thoughts on “Thank you, sweetheart

  1. Happy Birthday, Todd, from Arkansas. A Berry Birthday pie is a treat for sure!

    We celebrated my [Joanie’s] mother’s 79th birthday yesterday as well. We FaceTimed with her and she loved seeing us as we talked.

    A quote I like to share at birthdays…

    God….brings about birthdays…not as deadlines but lifelines. He builds them into our calendar once every year to enable us to make an annual appraisal, not only of our length of life but our depth. Not simply to tell us we’re growing older…but to help us
    determine if we are also growing deeper. Obviously, if God has given you another year to live for Him, He has some things in mind…He has some very special plans to pull off through your life. -Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, Chuck Swindoll

    We pray that you and family continue on His journey laid out for you there in Hungary and the surrounding area with the Roma people and whoever crosses your paths.

    Thank you for sharing your lives….
    In Christ,
    Dave and Joanie Stineman

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