Pray for a roof

Nikolic family

On Friday, I had the privilege of meeting part of a family in the Roma village in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. (I drove to Slavonski Brod and dropped off Elizabeth who will be working for 10 days to help with the UNA festival, the children’s Roma outreach; then I drove back home that afternoon to Budapest.) This Roma family has been very open to the gospel and frequently host the UNA children’s club in their home. They have a house, but as you can see in the picture, it does not have a proper roof. It rather has a concrete ceiling, but without a roof it leaks and allows mildew to grow in this home, where the mother, father and six children live. Please pray for the funds to be able to provide a roof for them, and also for funds to finish off the room in the top picture, which could then be used permanently for UNA children’s clubs. (The picture is of our faithful co-workers, Andy, Lim and Zeljka with the family at their house.)

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  1. We just got big boxes of Legos for kids from Denmark. We would love to donate a box to the kids! We are now in Serbia but will be coming to Budapest this month! We also have interactive programs to teach preschoolers English donated from “Brillkids”
    Blessings, Anna and Jeff

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