Thank you for praying–answers to prayer

Biljana and Todd meeting for Bible translation prep
Biljana and Todd meeting for Bible translation prep

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for praying and let you know a few answers to prayer:

1. Thank you for praying for our meeting yesterday of our Hungarian organization through which we are able to receive visas and permission to live and work in Hungary. I have great Hungarian and American colleagues and we had a good meeting. Things are going well, the organization is well situated in the black, has received some unexpected donations and will even be able to lower the operating budget for next year. Yeah! There were some other concerns we had about law changes here (for the worse) which have never eventuated and we are very thankful.

2. Biljana O., who will hope will become a key Bible translator for Slavic Ardelean Bayash, was able to get an e-mail address. This sounds minor but is very important as we live 3 hours away from each other and much of the work needs to be done by e-mail. She has not used a computer so this is a major step forward.

3. Julianna, my Serbian Hungarian teammate was able to help prepare some very important materials for the Bible translation process, and my Australian teammate, Joy, was able to get some very important formatting of Bible texts done for this as well. Praise for great colleagues.

Thanks for praying. I wanted you to be encouraged by these answers to prayer.


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