Decade of Roma Bible translation (2015-2025): The Bible for all Roma

To see Bible translations started for all Roma dialects which still need it in Europe & western Eurasia by 2025, please pray for the following:

  • Accurate research to know which of the 85+ dialects need translation
  • For local churches, church networks & missions to commit to translation in specific dialects
  • Course material to train Romani mother tongue speakers to be developed
  • The course materials to be translated into the ‘gateway’ languages of wider communication (e.g., Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian)
  • God to raise up fluent mother tongue speakers of these dialects to form teams to translate
  • Accurate, clear and natural translations to be made of key passages
  • The passages to be tested in the community & improvements made
  • The local team, church & nearby churches to work together to check & test these translations
  • Translation to be released in doable stages: 1) 5 stories from Life of Christ; 2) 10 chapters from Luke; 3) 20 key OT chapters; 4) 50+ key chapters from Genesis to Revelation; 4) OT key chapters, New Testament 5) OT key chapters, New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs; 7) entire Bible
  • Translation to be distributed in print, on Internet, through mobile devices
  • First focus is on Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia & the Ukraine
  • Funding for all the above.

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