Who are the Roma?

Roma (Gypsies) in Europe There are 12-16 million Roma (Gypsies) in Europe and western Eurasia, scattered throughout 26 countries (including 40 regions or semi-autonomous regions), speaking 85+ dialects, and yet only a dozen have the Bible in their Romani dialect We support Bible translation for Roma (Gypsy) dialects in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, andContinue reading “Who are the Roma?”

Our family

Dr. Todd & Pamala Price have served with Pioneers since 1994, in Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. They have seven children (the oldest four are not in this photo), Timothy, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela, and live in Kansas City, Missouri. Pamala enjoys hosting guests in their home, teaching children, encouraging women and homeContinue reading “Our family”

Help Wanted: Current Needs

Our Mission:¬†Our passion is that the Roma Gypsies of former Yugoslavia will exalt Jesus using the Bible in their mother tongues! In order to do this, we need help. We are currently translating the Bible for 5 Roma (Gypsy) people groups (Bayash, Ludari, Arli, Gurbet and Chergash) who live in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.Continue reading “Help Wanted: Current Needs”

Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro

Pray for Bible translation needs in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia Pray for mother-tongue speakers with a heart to see God’s Word translated into the language of their people. Pray for home Bible studies in the villages.

Todd’s book

Structural Lexicology and the Greek New Testament, by Todd Price, is a new approach to translating the Bible more accurately. Instead of treating words as discrete units with a range of many possible meanings, from which the translator then has to select, Price applies corpus linguistics to analyze Greek words in their context. Price offersContinue reading “Todd’s book”

Roma Bible translation

Please pray for: Progress in translating the Gospel of Luke in 5 dialects: 1) Ardelean Bayash, 2) Ludari, 3) Arli, 4) Gurbet, and 5) Chergash Pray that we can quickly & accurately prepare the materials to train mother tongue translators to translate from Croatian and Serbian Pray for God to raise up mother tongue speakersContinue reading “Roma Bible translation”