General prayer requests for the work in Bosnia

Timothy wrote me today that he is at the Free Evangelical church in the town of Drama in northern Greece and that they had asked him to share tomorrow night during the Tuesday evening prayer service on some prayer needs for Bosnia. He wrote me to ask for specifics to share. I thought I would share them with you as well. Thanks for praying!

1) There are only about 800 believers in Bosnia, out of a total population of 3.7 million. Pray for many more to come to Christ.

2) There are about 30 small churches. Pray that many more churches would be planted.

3) Pray for the Bosnian believers to love one another, forgive one another and give grace to each other.

4) Pray for the two small Bible institutes to have more students and for good, quality theological education. Pray for more workers trained to serve in the local churches.

5) Pray for progress on the Bosnian Bible translation with study notes.