Time-sensitive prayer request: possible rent-free house!

As Pam packs up our house in Croatia, our cats (Pepper and Pippin) love to sleep on top of the luggage!
Ariela, “queen of the tree”, in our backyard in Croatia

Prayer request: As you know, we have been looking for a place to rent while we live in KC. Although we had planned to sign a lease this Thursday to move into a townhouse for $1255 in monthly rent, we found out yesterday that there is a possibility that a different house might become available for us rent-free. Our friends are asking permission for us to be allowed to do this beginning on June 1. So, please pray that by Thursday we will get an answer, and that, if the Lord wills, we would be allowed to live in that house rent-free. Thank you for praying for this amazing and time-sensitive prayer request.

4 thoughts on “Time-sensitive prayer request: possible rent-free house!

  1. Praying for You, Pam, Matt for all he is going thru, and the rest of family as they prepare for the move. GOD blesses us in so many ways and the possibility of $1 a month is major. When you get all settled come visit us at the old Avondale Baptist Church (you spoke in my SS class few years ago ) we are now Solid Rock Baptist after a church merger with Open Door Baptist whocombined with us. We have a great ministry in north Kansas City. Jerry Breese is still our pastor along with Shane Stamm from Open Door.

  2. We are praying the rent-free place!! I wish we weren’t separated by a border, I’d love to help Pam pack. Praying daily for all your requests in this journey.

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