How to Pray for a Bible Translator (The Prices Write–February 2015)

Todd training mother-tongue translator, Biljana

Todd training mother-tongue translator, Biljana


I often ask you to pray for those involved in our Bible translation projects. Of necessity, these prayer requests are very short in order to fit in the small space of a daily prayer calendar. So to help you pray more intelligently, I thought I would offer more details here:

First, the Bible translators we work with are not foreign missionaries, but Roma themselves who speak the language into which the Bible needs to be translated. This is very significant since someone who speaks the language as their mother tongue will always do a better job translating into that language. Most have never translated before, and so we often find that they are very timid or even reluctant to translate. They feel inadequate for the task and are unsure how to translate. Please pray that they will be humbly bold (which means having a teachable spirit, yet not being afraid to try something new) and step out in faith to translate even when they feel very inadequate.

Second, sometimes the translators have other jobs and it is difficult to find the time and the energy to translate, which requires lots of mental concentration. If they are working a full-time job, they are tired when they get home and may have other family responsibilities as well. Pray for the Lord to clear their schedules and provide time and energy to translate.

Third, the Bible has many terms and concepts they do not use in their everyday speech, and it is challenging to know how to best transfer the meaning from one language into another. Pray for creativity and depth of insight in order to translate well rather than just borrow a word from the national language, or translate woodenly in a way that others will not understand.

Fourth, translating, like writing, is hard work. It has been said that there is no good writing, only good re-writing. The same is true with translation—you rarely ever get it right the first time. Pray for the translators to be humble enough to correct their first drafts and accept input and constructive criticism from others in order to make their translations even better.

UPDATE ON THE KIDS: Matthew is adjusting well as a student at the International Christian School of Budapest and making friends. Elizabeth’s husband, Stephen, is coming to visit us in March to visit the Roma ministries in preparation for coming as missionaries! Elizabeth is finishing up her senior year at Calvary Bible College. Jonathan has transferred to Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, where he is a senior studying computer science. Timothy is working in construction/remodeling in KC. Kirsten is in 5th grade and Daniel 1st in home school. Ariela (3) keeps us entertained with her cute sayings. We are truly blessed.

Thank you for your loving prayers and financial support!

Todd, Pamala, Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela Price

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