Giving opportunities

It dawned on me the other day that it might be really helpful to mention some specific, small projects which need financial support. Sometimes, it is just a little thing here and there that we don’t take the time to mention in a regular letter, so I thought I could just put them here on the blog.

We are very grateful to those who pray for the financial needs of the ministry and those who invest through giving. Here’s a need:

Matthew is on a two-week summer mission trip to Poland to do outreach to youth in a city where our friends are church planting. This team is unique in that it is completely made up of missionary kids–7 kids from 4 countries. The total cost is a great deal, only $600. Our church here in Budapest already graciously gave $200 to cover his airfare, which means only $400 are still need.

Our account is 110250 and online giving can be done at

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