Yesterday’s meeting with potential translators; heading to English camp

Dear praying friends,

1. Thank you for praying for my 300 mile round trip yesterday! Gergely and I were able to meet with three Hungarian Ardelean Bayash speakers. These three women are from three different villages in southern Hungary (see one pictured below). All three are quite interested in working for us on the Bible translation. I’m thankful for their positive attitudes and excitement about having God’s Word in Bayash. The next step is to arrange for two or more days of initial training for them, teaching them about the theory and principles of Bible translation and giving them practice exercises to work on. The challenge is that we already have a very busy summer scheduled and yet one of them is only available for the initial training before her school starts again the end of August. It would be best to do that training together as a group so we need wisdom and God’s timing if we are able to pull it off by the end of August. We’d appreciate your prayers very much.
2. Beginning this Friday, our whole family will be going to Lakitelek, Hungary, where we will be teaching English July 18-26 at our organization’s annual camp. Please pray for the Hungarians who attend, that many will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and that those who are already believers, will grow in their faith and be encouraged in their walk with Christ.

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