Joyous wedding, family reunion, airline vouchers, van repairs, MK camp, Bosnia visit

Dear praying friends,

Here are a few updated prayer requests and praises. Thank you for being our faithful prayer partners!

1. We praise God for a wonderful, God-honoring wedding for Elizabeth and Stephen Sell, and family reunion for Pam’s side of the family during our two-week trip to the States. It was a joy to be with family and friends. After a great honeymoon in Nashville, Elizabeth and Stephen are now settled into their new apartment in Kansas City, working this summer and taking classes at Calvary Bible College. Thank you for praying for our trip.
2. We praise God that we were healthy on the trip and were able to see so many friends and family members. We also praise God that we could volunteer to get bumped from our return flight in return for $6,000 in travel vouchers, 3 meals and a very nice hotel stay in Chicago. Thank you American Airlines! This is a huge blessing since we can use these travel vouchers for our furlough or for bringing the kids over to visit us in Hungary.
3. When we were in the States we discovered that our van had been damaged. Thankfully our comprehensive coverage paid us $1,800 on the spot, which was almost enough to pay for the unexpected (and unrelated) repairs that we had to have done on our car and on Timothy’s car for $1,900. God provides in amazing ways. I’m sure the guy who side-swiped us and then left didn’t know he was doing us a favor! 
4. Matthew is at a missionary kid camp in Croatia this week. Please pray for him to make good friendships with the other kids and for spiritual growth through this week.
5. This Friday we pick Matthew up from camp, and then continue driving south to visit friends in Bosnia. We haven’t been back to Bosnia since we left in 2010. We’ll be attending a 4th of July get-together which is doubling as a going-away for a missionary couple in Bosnia we have known for 15 years. We plan to visit the sites where we used to live and minister for the 14 years we lived in Zenica and Sarajevo. Please pray for safety for our trip of 800 miles over a three day period.

Thank you for your prayers and for rejoicing with us,
In Christ,
Todd for all of us

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