4 thoughts on “We have our full monthly support pledged!

  1. Suggestion? Would it be worth setting up a similar breakdown for the funds you need for language and other set-up costs? Instead of it being ‘x’ number of month gifts, it could be ‘x’ number of gifts for language, for visas, for … whatever else. Even ‘x’ amount to buy specific items, letting it be people buying a specific thing to help you in the settling stages of living here. Someone might like to buy you a washing machine that is a sensible size. 🙂 Someone else might like to buy you a week’s groceries, or fill the van with petrol for a week, or buy your language textbooks and dictionaries, or buy some language helps for the kids, or transport your tubs from airport to home, etc. Making it bite-size like you have with your monthly support could help. It also helps to keep people in on the adventure of seeing the Lord supply your needs, those now being in the practical stage. You can even take a photo of fulfilling those gifts when you get here – to send as a thank you. ie… photo of filling the van’s gas tank, photo of shopping or a stocked pantry shelf, photo of purchased language books, photo of unloaded tubs at your home, and so on. I know – photos are not what you need to be focusing on at those moments, but … I always have my camera with me. 🙂

    So, this is just a thought, since people tend to think you are fully supported even to one-off costs once they see ‘0 x $50’. They don’t always picture the one-off needs as being separate to the total support. I know you have mentioned it in your prayer update, but … I just thought I’d mention the idea.


    1. You are so right, Joy. Thank you for mentioning this. Yes, it is a wonderful way to breakdown the remaining $22,000 we still need for set-up costs, language school costs, etc.

  2. Praises to our Lord on High! We are curious to know the school that Elizabeth plans to attend. We remember you visiting College of the Ozarks. Amy is interested in this college as well.

    Dear Lord, In the name of your Son and by the power of the resurrection, we cast out all confusion during these days of packing and last minute details. May you, our God of order, be mightily in the midst of the Price family and all those who are surrounding them as they communicate with one another and lend a hand in the efforts to be prepared for June 4th. We pray this all in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

    God’s grace, Joanie and Dave Stineman

    1. Thank you, David and Joanie! Elizabeth is going to keep going to Calvary Bible College here in KC. She has her Associate of Arts and will now go on to finish her Bachelor of Arts.

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