Updated prayer requests

Thank you all for praying for us as a family. I will be going to London to defend my PhD thesis (in New Testament Greek and linguistics) on 9 May. This is a very significant milestone after 3 years of full-time study. Please pray that I will pass the oral defense and that very minimal changes will be required for my thesis so that I can then get the final version submitted and graduate in June.

Please pray for us as we pack up the house we are renting and prepare to move to Budapest 4 June. There is a lot of work to do and many, many details to take care of.

Please pray for the rest of our financial support, both our monthly support needs as well as the one-time costs of moving to Budapest and settling in there (renting a house, buying a vehicle, doing language study, etc.).

Please pray for a house for our family which has enough room for us, for a home school room for the children, an office for my work and a guest room for visitors. Please pray it will be inexpensive, in a good location and with a good, honest landlord.

We have 7 children. The 3 older ones will remain in the States when we move to Budapest. Pray that they will adjust well to being away from us; they grew up in Bosnia and Croatia, so it has been difficult to adjust to the US. Pray for God’s provision for housing, college decisions and jobs. Please pray for our 4 younger children who are coming with us that they will adjust well to Hungary and do well learning the languages.

Thank you for praying for us.

In Christ,

Todd & Pamala Price

Timothy (age 22), Jonathan (age 21), Elizabeth (age 18), Matthew (age 14), Kirsten (age 9), Daniel (age 5) and Kirsten (20 months)

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