Brief update, praises & prayer requests

One of our supporting churches recently asked us for a brief update, and I thought I’d include it here for everyone. Thank you for rejoicing with us and for praying for us!

1. Please give a one- or two-sentence description of your ministry assignment.

In June we will move to Budapest, Hungary. From there, we will do language study, and then I will be a Bible translation consultant for the Bayash Roma language in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, with the possibility of Bible translation for other Roma (Gypsies) groups also (e.g., Ludari Roma).

2. Share one or two blessings the Lord gave you in your ministry during the last 12 months.

I am just a few months away from finishing my PhD in New Testament and linguistics. This is an exciting milestone and will qualify me to be a Bible translation consultant.

We just found out that there is a house we can rent in Budapest as soon as we arrive.

3. List one or two ministry goals/prayer priorities for 2013.

For 100% of our monthly support to be pledged.

For the $35,000 we still lack in one-time gifts to pay for our visas, housing deposit, furnishing and equipping a currently-empty house and office, purchase of a vehicle and two years-worth of language study (school, tutors, CDs, books).

For progress in learning the Hungarian, Bayash and Ludari languages.

For progress on the Bayash Roma New Testament translation. Mark is done and the rest of the New Testament is in draft form.

Our four younger kids to adjust well to new life in Hungary.

Our three older kids to adjust well to school and work as they remain in the States.

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