Prayer request re: 2 car accidents, etc.

Dear friends,

Here are some updated prayer requests:

1. We had ice and snow in KC last weekend which stayed around a few days and we managed to wreck both of our vehicles. The car (1995 Honda Civic) sustained $1,300 worth of damage and is not worth repairing at this point; we only had liability insurance on it because of its age and the fact that it has 240,000 miles on it. The van (2005 Chrysler Town and Country) sustained $1,800 worth of damage, and thankfully insurance will cover most of that since we had comprehensive coverage on it. We had major hits in the area of vehicle repairs in 2012 (around $5,000 between the two vehicles).

Please pray that we would be able to get a replacement for the car very soon. Elizabeth needs the car every day to drive to college classes from home, and we also need it for getting to church (since we don’t all fit in the van and we go to two different services), various errands and appointments, for Timothy and Elizabeth getting to work, etc. Praise the Lord that no one was hurt in the accidents. Please pray, if the Lord wills, that we could have the car replaced and the van fixed before Elizabeth’s college classes start in 10 days. Also, if you happen to know of anyone with an inexpensive car for sale (4-5 passenger) or even for rent from now until June (when we move back overseas), please let us know.

2. Jonathan plans to begin attending the University of Missouri in Columbia beginning Jan. 14. Please pray for him for:

a. good roommate(s)

b. job on or near campus since he won’t have a car

c. good church nearby

Thank you for praying for us,


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