Thanks to God; 2012 year-end financial progress; End-of-year giving opportunity

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and very kind financial gifts. We are so grateful to the Lord for you all and for the $10,000 which has been given toward our expenses of moving to Hungary, setting up a house and office, getting a vehicle, obtaining visas and doing two-years’ worth of language study. Here is where we now stand:

Airfare from US to Hungary: provided! $5,700

Shipping belongings to Budapest: $5,500

Purchase of vehicle: $7,700

First year visas: provided! $1,630

Deposit on house rental: provided! $2,200

Furniture, appliances, household goods for

setting up house & office equipment: $9,700

Language learning for two years (classes,

tutors, books & fees): $15,000

We are humbled by your generous gifts and thank Him for you. Our prayer for you is Phil 4:17: “ I do not say this because I am seeking a gift. Rather, I seek the credit that abounds to your account.” (NET).

Praise the Lord for wonderful times together with family and extended family for Christmas. This was probably our last time where all nine of us will be together just as a family for Christmas. In June, Pam and I and the four younger kids will move to Budapest, Hungary. The older kids will remain in the States for work and college and then by our next furlough, who knows, there might be sons/daughters-in-law in the picture. It was special to be together as a family this year.

Many of you enjoyed reading Pam’s Christmas poem we sent out a couple weeks ago. If you missed it, or to see our new Christmas pictures, Christmas poem, visit our blog here.

Thank you, many blessings and Happy New Year!

Todd and Pamala

Pictures on Todd & Pam’s blog and Roma ministry pictures

To give toward our costs for Bible translation ministry in Hungary for the Roma (Gypsies) of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, you may donate:

Online here:

Or by check to:


10123 William Carey Dr.

Orlando, FL 32832

Or by phone
(407) 382-6000

And designate your gift for Account #110250 D

Thank you!

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