Christmas poem by Pam


Second Thoughts of the Inn Keeper,

By Pamala Price



What if I’d really understood

This was the King of kings?

In what way would I’ve acted then,

How different would it be?



The carpet red I’d have laid out,

Announced all over town;

I’d welcome him with trumpet blasts

And flags and sparkling crown.



The rooms I’d empty,

Give this king some quiet, private space,

Bring servants in and many cooks

To stir up tasty things.



The money, lavishly I’d spend

The cost, however big;

I’d give this King all that it took

To honor any wish.



The shepherd guests I’d honor, too,

Despite their lack of poise;

No education they’ve had

But they heard the angels’ noise.



‘Twas them God chose the first to tell

Of this king’s birth that night;

So honor I’d give, ev’n to them,

As honored in God’s sight.



And when the magi would arrive

Respect I’d give them, too;

Obedience to travel far,

Deserves reward that’s due.



And what about the people now

Who know this Jesus Christ,

Is not just son of Mary,

He’s Messiah come to die–



The Victor over death,

The risen, conquering Savior King,

Who took on flesh and died

So we might live eternally?



We know, it’s clear to people now

On this side of the grave;

He’s proven his identity

As King fore’er to reign.


What kind of welcome will we give

To Him now that we know?

We get one opportunity,

One life to let it show.


The King of kings deserves the best

No sacrifice too great;

For him our every thought and word

And deed cooperate.



To honor him above all else

Especially oneself,

Lay at his feet all treasured dreams,

One’s talents, passions, wealth,



To place Him in the highest place

Requires simple faith.

To just believe that He is God,

To take his word—that’s grace!



We won’t regret that act of faith

To live for Him as king;

When He returns to earth

He’ll judge and his reward he’ll bring.


This one life is the time to give

All honor that he’s due;

Reward will be forever ours

Since all He says is true.


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