Prayer and praise update from Todd & Pam Price

I think some of you had trouble viewing the images when I sent this as an e-mail, so I’m putting it on our blog so you can see the images.

Dear prayer partners,

Thank you so much for praying for us. Here are a few updated points.

1. Many of you have been praying for my (Todd’s) dad. Thank you! His surgery went well but they did find cancer in several lymph nodes near the colon. Next Monday he begins his first of 12 chemo treatments (once every two weeks for six months). Please pray for complete healing.

2. We have been putting lots of miles on the van, traveling and speaking at lots of churches over the last several months, as well as visiting family. This map shows our various trips. We have seen many of you and been warmly received. Thank you for your interest in the needs for Bible translation for the Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe. Our radiator recently went out on our van and had to be replaced but thankfully it did not leave us stranded in our travels. The kids have been real troopers over all the miles they have traveled, and have been good house guests where we have stayed, even though they have to hear daddy preach the same thing over and over again! (If you haven’t had that privilege [!], it is not too late to hear Todd’s sermon J here.)

3. Please pray that we can speak at more churches. We have only three more scheduled meetings between now and when we move to Hungary in six months. We have many open dates from January-May 2013. We would love to come speak at your church and share the challenge of Bible translation for the Roma of Eastern Europe. We have contacted many churches but have not heard back from most of them.

We are praying for another 29 monthly sponsors at $50 per month. These can be individuals, churches, Sunday school classes or home groups. This would provide the $1,442 per month we need to be at full support for Hungary. The thermometer below shows the progress. To give, please visit here: account #110250.

4. We are also praying for one-time gifts to cover our expenses of moving to Hungary, setting up a home and office, getting a vehicle, paying for language study, etc. We are so grateful for $5,200 in one-time gifts which have been given, and we are praying for $42,230 more to reach our goal. To give a one-time gift, please visit here: account #110250 D. (You need to mention the D for Departure).

5. Lastly, praise God for the outreach that a few Bayash Roma believers have done in recent days in Croatia. They have been given 400 copies of the Gospel of Mark in the Bayash Roma dialect and have gone to numerous homes in a very rough and hostile village, to visit the people and offer them a free copy of the gospel. Please pray for open doors and for many softened hearts to read and hear God’s word in their Bayash language.

Feel free to visit our blog for new pictures here.

Thank you so much for praying!


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