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A church recently wrote and asked us for some information for their missions wall. After I wrote it, I thought it might be good to share with everyone. They asked 1) what the main emphasis of our mission work will be, 2) how the people tend to respond to us, and 3) what some prayer requests are:

1. The main emphasis of our work is to do Bible translation for the Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe, especially a group called the Bayash Roma who live in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. They only have the Gospel of Mark in their language and the team is working on the rest of the New Testament.

2. The people are curious why we would come to their country and try to learn their language. Many of them are friendly and like to drink coffee together. Some of them are quite suspicious and just want to see how they can get money from us.

3. We would ask for prayer for the Bible translation work. It is a long, complicated process and we want the translation to be accurate, clear and natural in their language. Pray for wisdom for everyone working on the translation and for the translation to be received well. Also, pray for many of the Bayash Roma to learn to read and to make the effort to read the Gospel of Mark which has been distributed already to hundreds of homes. Pray for many Bayash to follow Jesus and for solid, healthy churches to begin in several of the Bayash villages or parts of cities.

Thank you all for praying for us!

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  1. Dear Todd and Pamala, Thank you for this update. It was good to see Ariela’s birthday pictures, too. Your newest family picture taken in the trees is wonderful.

    I am very happy to let you know that our United Methodist Women’s group decided to give a one-time gift of $100 toward all the moving expenses. The treasurer wants to send the check, I will tell her to send it to: PIONEER 10123 William Carey Dr. Orlando, FL 32832 The main question is that since we are a church organization, may we put your names and acct. # on the memo line as follows? memo: Todd/Pamala Price #110250

    We look forward to seeing you at the Laurel UMC in November. We also pray that the Lord will lead you to those people/churches ready to be obedient to the call to cheerfully give.

    The Lord has given us a target date of June ’13 to have our ministry team in place in order to re-locate to FamilyLife Headquarters in Little Rock, AR. As we meet with people we are blessed by how the Lord works. We are continuously in awe of God’s people and how He has given each of us life experiences to connect and minister to one another.

    Blessings as we claim His faithfulness! Joanie and David Stineman

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