Old van

This is what the van looked like after the wreck. Ouch! I never knew before that when airbags go off, they actually rip through the dashboard. We got an estimate to fix it…$10,000! Double ouch! So we sold it for $400 to a salvage yard and got a different van.

One thought on “Old van

  1. I love the children’s song ( for adults too, maybe more so.)
    He owns the cattle on a Thousand Hills,
    The wealth in every mine.
    He owns the rivers, and the rocks and rills,
    the stars and sun that shines.
    He is my Father, so they are mine as well.

    Thank you for allowing us to pray for a nice replacement van –
    And for that sweet babies’ health – and for Mama, Pam – and for each one of you
    Pray daily for you. Enjoy the pictures.


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